1. Civilian Sect
2. OP1
3. Repercussion
4. Identification Card
5. Deluge
6. Toll
7. A, Sync
8. For No Reason
9. Inquiry
10. Suspend

Debut release by the relatively unknown Ampax Catalog. A deviantly structured odyssey by a soul wrestling with alienated absolutes. Mutant rhythm boxes, synthesized sequences and cacophonic like avant decompositions, steadily revealing a machine like vocal approach that is oddly emotionless. Hesitantly and carefully recalling a toxicant paranoid inaccuracy. Two Color Letterpressed J-Card and Pro Duplicated Tape. Edition of 100.

Ampax Catalog
"october 2011 release ; ... utterly beguiling machine-music suite from this new phaserprone signing, working an impeccable crossroads between john bender-styled rural excommunication & eggheaded “bedroom studio” analogia ... ps. because i cannot choose one over the other, much like one cannot choose their favorite child, i will offer my own two favorite tracks here as a sound-sample ... enjoy."

→ Mimaroglu Music Sales, 2011

"The most recent of Phaserprone's releases comes by way of the virtually unknown Ampax Catalog. Dsr.Slit marks AC's debut release, though frankly, on a blind listen I would have pinned this as at least a sophomore record by any of a handful of contemporary stalwarts exercising their respective minimal-synth aesthetics, be it Christopher Forgues, Jeff Witscher or even Carlos Giffoni (his arbor ep from two years ago came to mind).

Using an array of retrograde electronic gear such as a mono synth, tape delay and rhythm box, Dsr.Slit manages to achieve a sound that a heavy percentage of underground acts are striving for, all the while sounding distinctly modern despite its backward leanings. The tracks here are succinct, unmuddied and poised in their terseness, yet never shy away from making a statement; alien synthlines become grounded in simplistic rhythms throughout, holding their structures through the bulk of these works. "Identification Card", with its amassing and all encompassing analog buzz and Godspeed-esque megaphone vocalizations is up there as my jam of the year (Listen to the sound sample), while the rest of the tape follows very nicely in suite.

A brilliant release, and definitely one of the best cassettes of the year. Wonderfully presented in a two coloured letter pressed j-card and cool black and white schematic-type cover art."

Scrapyard Forecast,2011