PPR21 / 7"

1. Noted Guerrillas
2. Pocket Planetaria
3. Disordered Interior Geometries
4. Satisfiers Of Alpha Blue

Four song 7" by Thought Broadcast.  A schizo blend of atonal post-punk primitivism and partially submerged rhythm-box dub.  A perfect mainline through TB's singular vein of primitive calculation.  This 7" being the first vinyl release of the once rarefied TB discography.  Letterpressed and die-cut sleeve with insert. Edition of 175.

→ Hierodule

"Killer new set of new wave/minimal synth/avant garage splendour from Ravi Binning’s Thought Broadcast with a sound that is somewhere between Japanese electro minimalism, early Throbbing Gristle, Suicide/NY No Wave and an amalgam of night-time USA atmospherics, repeat keyboard threat and solitary beatbox psych. Profoundly bent post-punk confusion w/a classy ‘private’ feel. Recommended."

→ Volcanic Tongue, 2011

"Phaserprone returns with more of their bunker mentality for obscurant synth-punk noise and rhythms, here authored by Brooklyn's Thought Broadcast (although now living in SF), who had at least one release on the uber-hip Gel label. Phaserprone champions this release as a surefire trajectory out of the "rarified TB discography," which seems to be wholly enigmatic from what we can discern; not surprisingly, this is our first exposure to the project. Thought Broadcast offers up 4 short monosynth and rhythm box trax whose dark-minded minimalism splatter with the power-electronics vibe of the pre-Brighter Death Now project Lille Roger or some of Cabaret Voltaire's more zombified efforts circa 1978 and with a little bit of Dome thrown in for good measure through TB's effects scrambling vocals, blorping synth sequencing, and monotonous mechanoid plod exhumed from a tarpit of tape murk. Cut at 45, so you know we're also loving this at the wrong speed! Elegantly packaged with Phaserprone's heavily embossed letterpress artwork. Limited to just 175 copies!"

→ Aquarius, 2011

"It’s hard to create truly confounding and mysterious music in the age of information, and yet here we have Thought Broadcast. Inspired by “bands whose atonality and libidinal force were free from any purpose” and currently based in San Francisco, Thought Broadcast is defined by recordings as paranoid as they are restrained. Instrumentation slides in and out of time, mistake becomes intention, things are being said, but anything discernable is just out of earshot.

The recently released Up-Maker 7″ on Phaserprone acts as a perfect introduction to the project’s music and philosophy – one which values confusion and personal connection over accessibility and passive consumption. The record was released in an edition of 175, computers were avoided, clues were planted with the past in mind, you will not find mp3s on Mediafire, you will be rewarded with music and thoughtful design if you put in the effort to track down the object. However, there don’t seem to be many left, so don’t dawdle. Living in a landscape where exhausting promotion has become the norm, it’s easy to forget that some of the most interesting music will still wait quietly to be discovered."

→ Visitation Rites, 2011