1. Magic Book
2. Moonlit Photograph
3. Au Pair Of My Dreams
4. White Walls
5. The Next Computer
6. Wannabes (In The City)
7. I Don't Know
8. Vinyl Halo
9. A Part Of You (I Am Never Lighting)
10. Rhythm
11. Music's Empire

Loner voyeuristic psychedelia, with a tendency toward the neurotic or the surreal, lamented with voice and occasional spoken word.  A peculiar nod to the New Romantics.   Letterpressed J-Card, and Pro Duplicated Tape. Edition of 125.

→ Roe Enney

"may 2011 release ; bonkers & ultra-misted set from roe enney, wrapping her “deer in the headlights” vocals around a minimal assemblage of guitar, linn-drum, and assorted electronic interference that comes closer to channeling ruth white’s late-60’s dystopian visions than anything i’ve ever heard ..."

→ Mimaroglu Music Sales, 2011

"There's really no useful information to be found about Roe Enney. She authors a thoroughly cracked strain of bedroom electronica, one that could have been produced around 1983 in some depressed region of the world. We could say Vladivostok for someplace fitting of the sounds but in truth she hails from Phoenix, Arizona. That's pretty much all that we know about her and this tape she produced for the newly invigorated Phaserprone label, who has never shied away from grimy electronics, queasy rhythmic oppression, and fucked-up histrionics. Enney's stoned, witchy vocals would certainly draw parallels to Liz Harris and Amanda Brown, although Enney is far more of a deconstructionist, stripping away her already emaciated structures through a Spartan use of vintage Linn drum machine, synth, guitar, voice, and a fair amount of tape decay with all of these typically keeping their own orbits independent of everything else. The resultant warbling constructions are stunted, ghetto-dub mutations where voice and synth murkily blur into cough-syrup overdosed crawlings whose sewer seduction atmospheres are splattered with her puncturing drum machine programming that rarely acts as time keeper to these personal, dystopian visions. She's channelling the more idiosyncratic elements of Dome, Throbbing Gristle, Tara Cross, and The Storm Bugs, and it wouldn't be much of a stretch to situate this near the early Zola Jesus singles or LA Vampires. Limited tape-only production in a run of 100 copies. Don't expect these to last long."

→ Aquarius, 2011