PPR06 / CDR Limited

1. Nancy Sang
2. Space Flight
3. Post-Rave Rave
4. V-Hammer
5. Plastic Baggage
6. Plane Of Hate
7. Borg Rage
8. FSB

Anonymous techno, heroin trance released in 2005? Letterpressed foldover sleeve, with xerox insert, and blank CD sleeve. Edition of 100.

"Part Techno futurism and part technological dystopia, this ultra-limited CD on Brooklyn micro-label Phaserprone succeeds in cloning a roughshod mutant music from the scraps of Techno, House and other subgenres. Who or what is the Borg remains obscure; what is for certain is that mystery, and its attendant anxiety, are part of the message. The mood throughout is bleak: a stubborn jittery minimalism permeating everything, in form and instrumental colour. The drum machines sputter and spit accents on the upbeat or tap out bleeding permutations; the bass is big but marshy and the kick drum's dead thuds; in the background, analogue synths wheeze and buzz tattered melodies, distended voices drift in and out. The single-note bassline on "V-Hammer" drills its message into your head. The bass on "Plastic Baggage" is more active, but less manic. "Plane of Hate" is a study in disintegration, as the rhythm cannot hold and a heap of voices mutter under a throbbing headache of low end. What ultimately keeps Borg from being an exercise in misanthropy is that while it lingers in dark places, it avoids noisy extremes. The tracks here stalk the bpm comfort zone between 80 and 120, the skeleton rhythms wavering between mechanical repetition and futuristic groove. Voice samples are deployed with precision for maximum effect. In other contexts, the high female voices of "Nancy Sang" would be anthemic; here they breathe menace. On "Borg Rage", fragmented lines of dialogue coalesce into an oblique narrative. Without destroying them, Borg turns dance music tropes against themselves, lending the album an unsettling hypnotic sway." — The Wire - # 289